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Game And/Or: The development there-of.

So we are hard at work on our first great work; and after a few false starts, it looks as though my vision is slowly (well, swiftly actually) coming to fruition. It was originally slated to be a re-make of a game I designed some 8 - 10 years ago for DOS. I've decided; instead, it will be a direct sequel. Such things usually make sense, and secondly, I want to take advantage of the power and capabilities computing devices afford us developers these days.

In keeping with the theme of slowly releasing tid-bits of glorious information about this game:

Mystery Game (not really the title, of course) will be an adventure/labour in storytelling for me. I have a grand vision for what is to take place between the player, the character, and the world surrounding that character. Weather or not I can supply everyone with an accurate depiction of this vision, remains to be seen. (pun?)

I'm quite large on the exploratory games (in the event you haven't come to know this yet), and this my first large release should exemplify that notion quite well. I'm working in tandem along side my artist to realize a world where each moment should be both interesting and vivid. Honestly; I am more concerned with the ambiance of this world than of tired game-play mechanics and genre labels. I think it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

[Edit] Ah, and I should point out that only posts with mystery game in the tag are relevant to the current project...

If anyone is wondering about the status of either Egg or HooChoo.. they both still exist; but are taking a back seat. I need more time to consider how I wish them to turn out; and in all likely hood, will be giving one or both away for free when it comes to that.


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