A Punishing Read; See: The Future

Well my team is finally hard at work on the game we should've been working on all along. Though I can tell you very little about it at this stage (alpha), suffice it to say; it will be an odd-ball adventure.

I am also going to use this particular post to announce two details about this mystery title.
  • It will be episodic; so if you despise this growing trend in the entertainment industry, I will ask that you take each epsiode at face value. Simply pretend that each is a complete game in it's own right. That's how we are approaching the design of each.
  • It will (for now, anyway) be a mac exclusive. Until we can judge the feed-back and profit, this game will reside in the mac only realm. If we are even modestly successful and there is demand, we will undoubtedly port it to windows.
Having divulged more than I had hoped to I shall now retire for the night.


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