Game development is not unlike walking initially.

For each step forward; it seems, there are two steps back. Oh the bugs; the bugs!
So many of my bugs now are graphical errors - and in a project like this, there is no room for errors of this sort. They are; however, relativity easy to work out and present no real problem. (momentary setbacks)

Bugs aside, the core engine for mystery game is taking to being polished quite nicely. Having re-directed all of my energy into completing this project; I'm hoping i'll get it completed before I loose my sanity. (I see that there is no real point to this post so how about another small detail about the game?)

Mystery Game has been an idea in my head for several years, and we've been kicking around the idea to produce it for about two years. Not only that but my artist had some of the original land-scape pieces done over a year ago. So I'm guessing it's about time we got to work on it.


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