Budapest Descension

-EDIT/UPDATE - It would seem two things need pointing out to the masses, as there seems to be some confusion. Firstly; this game is really short and quite difficult. It was designed intentionally to be so. It should not be taken as a benchmark for the quality of our upcoming releases or projects. It's just a 'fun' little thing we did in a short amount of time.

Secondly; no one has sent any times officially but if the emails are to be believed, the best I've heard personally is 12:00. Come on folks, lets shoot for speed here. Thanks, on to the game info!

Budapest Descension is a 'game' my team and I thought up, wrote, and finished in 48 hours. It is simply a punishing platformer with a timer. In many respects; I wish I could prattle on about how there is some mysterious subtext to this bit of interactivity or how it is in actuality art, but this is not the case. The game is hard, short, and most importantly free.

There is more to the story:

  • We will a release a free game every month or so ( of varying quality). Even thought I need to survive; and games are a viable front for this, I don't want justify game creation as a 'means to an end.' In this light; we ask that you do buy our large projects when they come out or at least donate, but that you also enjoy any free material we release.
  • In addition to being a jammin' little platformer; Budapest Descension might be your ticket to our (unrelated) first commercial game, Project Egg. An open challenge stands for anyone who can play BD and record video of said play-through.

The Challenge:
From today (September 4th at the time of this posting) until September 29th I am asking people to record their play-through of BD. These are to be emailed to me as proof of both completion and time. Come the 29th; the top three times will receive e-vouchers for a free copy of Project Egg. Anyone who can reach top three status and not die more than once will gain both a voucher for PE and a mention as a character in it! (Mind you this game is terribly difficult to some and child's play to others; my personal record is 2:56 ) -Be sure to tell us how your descent went.


Budapest Descension Download Links*:

For now...
I have taken down the links to the downloads, if you want to play email me, I'll send you a copy.

* if you have any issues with either downloading or playing the game, please email me. I will get back to you as soon as I can, thank you. I am aware that I've left the system requirements off the page for this game. It is small, and most (somewhat modern) machines should be able to run it.


Fine Print:
The play-through must not contain any editing and the final screen which shows the time must be visible for at least 3 seconds. The winners will receive an email confirming their victory as well as a mention on this blog (unless they ask otherwise). Email me a Thr33li@gmail.com


Nick said...

These damn popsicles are driving me nuts.

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

Yeah, I made them to be miserable. Hope you enjoy them. So far, no one has beaten my record. From word of mouth we have one person beating it in 15 minutes. I'm begging internet land to produce better results than that. We need some viral word of mouth press.

pratikindia said...

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