New project in the works...

[Update] - It's not really a new project per se... but instead one I have picked back up and am going to rescue from the walls of my brain. If you follow me you'll note the last project I spoke of (before FTG) was one focusing (in some respect) around the element of survival. Well; here at two A.M. I remembered suddenly a second game I had started (also focusing around that theme), so there will be two. Exciting no?

I won't say much right now, but I have a new project in the works. It will be small, and hopefully interesting. Unlike most of my other ideas; this one seems doable in a short time-span, which is apparently a facet of design I'm starting to understand the need for.

I also will be moving this blog away from blogger and to my new (newly redesigned) website, Threeli.com; which will concern my thoughts on game design, the actual games I produce, and my music. I'll let you know when that happens.

More info soon,

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