Character Development: a fresh perspective (Owlboy)

You'll have to take my word here that every other post will not simply be a link to elsewhere on the web. Having said that:

I found a recent post on the D-Pad studios page concerning the Owlboy Project; and it struck me as being wholly engrossing. This post was Simon discussing his step by step process for coming up with the character of Owlboy himself. In this thorough (yet concise) post one can see how he not only came up with a character, but in doing so, was able to remain true to (and refine) his original vision for the game as a whole. This is; in reality, a great way to do it. I'm a huge fan of the iterative design solution. (Just not so good at implementing it personally!)

As I said in response to his post: 'I quite enjoy hearing people discuss their character development; as mine always ends up being something of a dartboard style. (I.E. scatter-shot attempts until one sticks.)' The only exception I can think of off hand would be characters I feel; in some way, personally attached to. These seem to get some greater level of refinement. Any real attention my characters core design is derivative of my game's world design as opposed to the other way around.

Enough chatter from me: go now and enjoy this link to elsewhere on the web. When you are finished tell me how you design (character design or even generally speaking). I personally find the topic very interesting and worthy of a large volume of attention.


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