Single new shot. It's coming along.

I'm creating this game with a single focal point. Exploration; or more importantly, the seeming human need to explore. There seems to be an omnipresent need in humans to explore; and I feel the need to rate all games I play on some sort of exploration scale. I'll discuss this a length soon.


Having spent literally all day dutifully producing gameplay and graphics for HooChoo, I can safely say -if it results in even representing a splinter of my vision- it will be vast, interesting, and fun. I have; however, just noticed a strange tendency in myself to overproduce test areas in the early design phase. I act as if anyone will ever see these bits of hodgepodge. Anyway, back to work.



Bernhard Schulenburg said...

You do have readers. ^_^

Hey, I don't know if this is old news to you, but you can follow how many people look up your blog with google analytics..

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

I just signed up for it; I've used similar services prior to this, but it's easier to lump everything in with google. (who will some day take over the world)