Brand new game soon!

I will attempt to post some details of my first project soon. I am going to update this page with stuff about my company, my team, and the games I make. Feel free to check back every so often to understand who we are and what we do!

Now on to the exciting stuff...
My first game!

Project Egg (working title)
PE is going to be an open world 2D platforming adventure filled with choice. The story centers around you the player, a mute, anonymous character who owes a large sum of money to a large corporation. This company has threatened to blow up your home if you do not pay your debts within three days time. The game is how you attempt to pay off that debt in the time alloted!

Speaking of Choice::

It seems as if every game being made these days flouts some type of choice or good/ evil system. Frankly I'm sick of this (Yes, I am aware that making a game with a choice system doesn't quite express a fair level of disgust for there being too many games with choice). The difference with PE, is twofold:
  1. The choices will be more of a real life variety, as in shades of gray. When faced with a decision in life; the choices are not color coded to provide an easy answer. If this were the case, the gravity of choosing would be nil. Such is the case with PE; there will be no one to hold your hand. Only the choice to make, and your eventual decision.
  2. The choices will (at least) seem more arbitrary. Not every decision you are subjected to in life has a glowing sign above it screaming, "IMPORTANT CHOICE BELOW." PE will follow suit; many choices will seem commonplace, even when altering the game world dramatically.
This might seem a bold statement from a group whom have not yet released any games; and perhaps it is. But rest assured these ideals have been present in the design of PE since it's conception. I'm not looking to change the world of games; only to provide an interesting and refreshing game experience.

There are a few more large details of the game I will be keeping secret until it's release, but I'll do my best to provide a steady stream of information on it. I will also put up some screen shots once it hits the late beta stage. While much of the solid game work is completed, there is much in the way of graphical tweaking remaining.

Current Release Date: October 2008

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Kianis said...

Wow, this sounds really interesting!
Can't wait to see what you'll make of this